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I moved to Brunel University London to start the Prediction & Information Processing lab in January 2016. I’m a member of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience and Lecturer in Psychology. Before moving here, I worked as a post-doc at the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford.

Along the way, I’ve been picking up degrees and research experience at the Ruhr-University Bochum (BSc Psychology), University of Otago (Research), Maastricht University (MSc Neuropsychology), Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research (PhD research), Westfälische-Wilhelms Universität (Dr. rer nat.), and finally Oxford and the Universite Paris Decartes (post-doc stuff).

Research: Present & Past

My research focuses on the question how we learn to behave adaptively in our changeable environment. How do we manage to pay attention when we have to, integrate information when it’s useful, choose the right action to achieve our goals  ? And how do we change all that when we detect changes in the environment? My work explores the theory that this form of learning is shaped by the interplay between predictions and experience. You can find more on that in less waffly terms on the lab’s research pages.


At Brunel, I’m teaching the first-year course Brain & Cognition, and the title pretty much gives it away. We’re looking at brains & cognitive models to understand human behaviour. There’s also some stuff about drugs, brain injury, and chemistry, so definitely something it in for everyone. If you are a Brunel student, you can check out my lectures on Panopto and Blackboard Learn. You can see a video of how I demonstrate EEG in that lecture here.


I’m always happy to supervise postgraduate and undergraduate students interested in my research, or better still, interested in something linking to my research that’s so clever that I haven’t thought of it myself. Natasha‘s & Joseph‘s projects are among those that I supervised most recently, so go check them out if you’re interested.


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